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Suzhou Bussmann Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Bussmann Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Xiangcheng District Huangqiao street, is a standard set of equipment, non-standard equipment & fixtures such as R & D, manufacturing & sales of the company.

The company has more than 6 years of experience in the industry. There are a number of mature & stable technology & operating personnel familiar with the industry.

The company has CNC lathes, milling machine, grinder, lathe, & the related processing equipment group. Company from its start in customer service, the concept of common development business integrity, customer groups increased year by year.


Company main business now includes:

Cleaner production & testing industry, in strict accordance with the IEC & ASTM standards, R & D & manufacturing of the suction performance testing equipment, energy efficiency ECO test equipment, air performance test station, hose, power line & brush attachment test equipment, the walking test equipment & some operating reliability test equipment.

Communication industry production, R & D & manufacturing base station antenna waveform detection system, automatic assembly system & the assembling test fixture etc.

Electronic circuit board production, R & D & manufacturing of the circuit board automatic transplanting equipment, circuit board automatic cutting equipment & circuit board clamping plate equipment etc.

Production of auto parts industry, R & D & manufacturing of the tire pressure detection module automatic test equipment, power steering machine detection equipment & floor automatic processing equipment.

The pharmaceutical industry, R & D & manufacturing of ozone generator.